Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chilling out @ East Coast

While I was still distressing with the 'what to do next?' question... many of my friends had shown their concerns. I am really really grateful and thankful for them. Well, then ysl suggested a chill out at east coast.. i had no objection.. cause i really dun wanna think anymore.. i had been thinking and thinking a lot recently..
Nahz.. nevertheless, it was a very nice place to loosen up a bit.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ARPC's Mother's Day event 2007

Well, i had brought my dad and mum to the Mother's day event this year again, however this year my sister didn't come along. I thought i would be sucked in making my dad and mum comfortable on my own, but well.. in the end, it turned out well.

My dad and mum had really enjoyed themselves, though the others who sat around the table didn't really talk much, and there was this stuck up looking auntie.. who kept staring at me causing my mum to keep telling me to behave myself. Nahz... anyway, I guessed it was the good foods and good gifts, with a little nice songs, help a lot in making the whole event enjoyable. This time they organise it at a good restaurant - Qian Xi (Farrer Park) Restaurant - in the Civil Service Club.. so well, my dad was rather pleased, so this time round, he did sat there and listen to the sharing without uttering some chants under his breath.

The message was.. to me.. not good at all. Nah, but the people who came to share the message had encouraged me a lot. At least they reminded me that God is still at work. To my mum, she was overwhelmed and felt really glad that these ex-drug addicts can turn a new leaf. My dad too was touched by their sharing. In the end, the message that they gotta back was that the love of a mother is really great... and nothing much of God and Jesus. I tried to talked to my dad more, since he was quite opened today. The discussion ended soon with relativism. geez...

Nevertheless, that was a good outing.. i see it as a way where the walls are broken down little by little.