Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Then well... one dramatic incident that had happened to me was that i lost a tooth on the 18 April. My left jaw was swollen over the weekend before that and it was so pain that I could not think well... so without much consideration, I’d gotten a dentist to pluck out a wisdom tooth from my left jaw. I went to work the next day and gotten a fever after that. Then for the rest of the week, I could not sleep and eat because the scene of the dentist pulling out my tooth just kept floating in my head, and the pain really bugged me.

The most stupid part, however, was that the tooth that I’d extracted is not the tooth that is having problem; it is the one that is biting onto the one that have problem. What’s more, I continued to do stupid thing with my teeth - I went for another dentist in AH, and signed up for a surgery to get all the rest of my wisdom teeth out... Well, the surgery will be in June but I think I will probably postpone it. So, if u wishes, and can remember this, probably u can pray for me…

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The next day that i wished to remember forever, is the day when i was baptised. It was on the 9th of April. And i was baptised with my sister, sarah, and many other believers. I am really glad that i am able to be baptised, and more, with my sister, who had just believed in Christ last year. Then, and now still, I was convicted that God saves, and will continue to save people into His kingdom, and I really hope that my parents may one day received Christ as their Lord too.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

MM Conference 06

Just came back from the ministry matters conference. It was great to get together to listen to God's word in this manner. This is the second time I'd attended this conference, and I guessed the number was smaller this year but there were a handful of non-ARPCian like the BTPCians, ORPCians and some other CFers too, it was great know these B.A.S.I.C from different churches.

It was also an encouraging thing to see a number of youths there to learn more about christian ministry. We also gotten to know Helen (David's wife) there, when she led a workshop with the gals. She was such a soft-spoken and humble lady that after speaking to her, we were greatly influence by her gentleness. However after trying to speak softer and slower ourselves, we burst out laughing and surrendered. We just can't be soft-spoken manz, what a shame!

But well, this conference had served a great reminder and encouragement to me, especially when i had just made a decision of not to take up Masters last night. The decision making process had been tormenting me for months.. since Jan. I had been deciding if i shall take up a masters degree or not, looking at my boss's offer and the convenience that i am working in NTU.

I declined the offer evenually.. and to say that I am firm and feel no regret, it will be lying. However, God's word do bring me back to focus.. that i shall not build my confidenece upon my education rather my confidence shall be on Christ.. my identity shall be of Christ..