Monday, July 26, 2010

Mid Year 2010

Time is what I want most
But... what I use worst.
Three years gone by...
What have I gain or what have I lost?

I've gained an extra degree, which makes me more a geek.
What of use is another piece of paper that I'll get next week.
Maybe a little confidence.. a little joyance
"At least I have done a little better this time", said my conscience.

What else, oh what else?
What else did time make or take?

Time makes me a little wiser..
A little zealous for the Lord I sought after..
Teaching in the Brigade..
Hoping for the Words of God to pervade...
The life of the gals and mine in a whirl.

Yes.. my life was once lost and was hurled
into endless entertainment and endless work...
endless pavement where the serpent lurked.

Lost a grandma... fear of death.
Upset stomach.. grasp for breath.
Romance D'Amour... it's so difficult to play
Friends are gone... and never back.

Oh well.. oh well...
How much tears and how many smiles can I remember?
That's just a brief summary for me to reminisce.