Saturday, December 31, 2005

ARPC New Year Eve..

Today, i could probably say, is my very first time celebrating new year's eve. My very first time celebrating new year's eve with so many people. My very first time celebrating new year's eve in a restuarant, so near the S'pore River that we could see the fireworks right before our eyes, so big and beautiful. My very first time celebrating new year's eve with a preacher reminding us of Christ.. reminding us to wait patiently for His return in this world that is decaying... My very first time celebrating new year's eve giving thanks to God that my sister had became a Christian, and is growing in her understanding of this Lord tt i' loved. My very first time celebrating new year's eve as an ARPCian (if i could called myself to be one).. my very first time celebrating new year's eve with my mum.. though she understand not the message shared, but really hope that this could be a starting point for us to share the gospel w her... This is really the first time i'm celebrating new year 's eve w people that are closed to my heart- my sis, mum, *n* (though i was quite ashamed to say tt, esp when i wasnt tactful to sense the thing gg thr her mind then), tyc, my DG, hamster and cat.., and christians.. hopefully, this is not going to be the last, but the beginning.

Friday, December 30, 2005

PRC Orientation Camp 2005

This would be the second time i had attended a prc freshmen camp. This time, i was just a day-tripper.. or rather a night-tripper, for i only join them in their night activities. So i do not have a group of my own, but well, my dear sister, *n*, was kind enough to have me joined her group so that i can help her out in the cheer leading competition... duhz.. and so, there i went..

The group, this year, was fun and managable. I have to said this group was different from the group i had last night as this year's ppl were more enthusiastic, and more modernised.. (if i had used the right word) Anyway.. i did had fun with them. I had joined them at Chinatown while they were having their dinner there.. i was quite shocked that they were not shocked to see a stranger join them out of no where.. but they were really friendly to me.. =).. The second night i joined them for their finale, as promised, but.. erm.. never fulfil my agreement to help out in the cheer, cuz i was really not familar w their cheer manz.. anyway.. it was really funny to see *n* rant and cheered.. that was one side of her that one would seldom,.. or never see..

Anyway.. as what i had felt last year.. this event was fun, and can say tt f'ship was built.. but i still feel that it is just the beginning.. the surface.. and more work is needed to be done with these people that we have came in contact with. Hopefully, in God's good timing, these people could come to hear and trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ.. hopefully though us.. i really hope that i can be less lazy.. and more lovingly.. so that i could be motivated to cont'd the f'ship w these ppl.. May God help us.. and me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The presentation was over.. I could finally take a break from the days of OT.. and phew! everything went well, i think, my boss was really good in talking and arguing manz.. really wondered why he can be so good and confident..? anyway.. at last.. i can breathe a bit for now.. before i embarked on the project again next year.. がんばいてす..!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Just when we got closer, you had to leave..

My partner had just left, and now I am alone on the project. Feel a bit incompetent.. and a bit sad that he is leaving. geez..

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I long for the day..

D D/F# G
I long for the day when faith sees its goal,
Bm G A D
When the things now unseen will be seen.
D D/F# Bm G7
The day when my Saviour comes for His bride,
Em G/A Bm
Whom His blood has washed spotlessly clean.
Whom His blood has washed spotlessly clean.

I long for the day when hope is fulfilled,
On which all of the saints will be raised.
The day all the nations kneel to the Lamb,
Giving Him all their honour and praise.
Giving Him all their honour and praise.

I long for the day when love will abound,
When the family of God will unite.
Our pain and our tears will have disappeared,
Freed at last from the trials of this life.
Freed at last from the trials of this life.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I had hurted..

Went to a party last night.. a 'Christmas' party so called. Everything was just not right. I was too out of control.. i think. .. that i actually called up someone... initially to apologize of what i had said earlier... but i ended up scolding the person.
I am deeply sorry.. you know who you are.. but please dun reply. i should not have said what i had said. It was all rubbish. I was just too crazy then.. You said that you will be ok. I trust that, and I know that you are alright.. but i am not ok now, you know that.. nevertheless, everything will be ok soon, we all know that...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I had thinking a lot lately...

Too long never blogged.. i guessed i was really busy. Busy thinking i think... but never ever thought it through. I cannot said that i had learnt during this period of thinking.. what i can say is that nothing had changed.. and this terrified me a bit. Nothing had changed uh? Probably not. I think i had became more unlovingly.. towards the people around me.

The many thinkings confused me sometime.. I could not bring myself to see or differentiate what is real and what is unreal anymore.. I feel that i am trapped in my own thinking.. i wanted to be happy too.. but i just can't be positive in the thoughts.. happiness or holiness? can i have both? why can some people seem so happy and carefree.. when i lamented over my actions and deeds each day?

Is Christ coming back? The year 2005 is ending soon.. many things had happened, good and bad.. and many things will. What had happened to me? Bad i think.. I could no longer encourage.. no longer love.. no longer share my knowing of Christ..? What i had left was just a fainted faith in something unseen yet true.. and each day i have to remind myself of the faith i had in Christ.. When is Christ coming back..? i am so afraid that i may lose this faith before he comes back, but again.. my faith is determined by God who had chosen to save me..