Monday, July 26, 2010

Mid Year 2010

Time is what I want most
But... what I use worst.
Three years gone by...
What have I gain or what have I lost?

I've gained an extra degree, which makes me more a geek.
What of use is another piece of paper that I'll get next week.
Maybe a little confidence.. a little joyance
"At least I have done a little better this time", said my conscience.

What else, oh what else?
What else did time make or take?

Time makes me a little wiser..
A little zealous for the Lord I sought after..
Teaching in the Brigade..
Hoping for the Words of God to pervade...
The life of the gals and mine in a whirl.

Yes.. my life was once lost and was hurled
into endless entertainment and endless work...
endless pavement where the serpent lurked.

Lost a grandma... fear of death.
Upset stomach.. grasp for breath.
Romance D'Amour... it's so difficult to play
Friends are gone... and never back.

Oh well.. oh well...
How much tears and how many smiles can I remember?
That's just a brief summary for me to reminisce.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Catching up with secondary school friendz...

I met my secondary school galfriends at TB 2 weeks ago. It's a bit awakward.. but we did manage to have some small catching up inside the NTUC. Then, they invited me to a bbq gathering that they were organising. Well, I was really surprise to see that they were still keeping close contact with one another.. which i dun normally do with my frens.. Anyway, I am really glad that they invited me. So, today I went to meet them up after my facial spa session. geez.. i shouldnt do my facial on this day, as my face was reddish after the blackhead extraction. anyway, after much concealer, i went pasir ris to meet up with the gals. Well... it was still not as bad as i thought, i thought i will have a hard time clinch in after so long.. appartently they were still the same kind, next-door-gals i knew when we were in sec sch. I had a bit of food, chat up w ling2, and A, and JM.. then we did some bridge card game. I was a bit regretted for not taking any pix, this is the only pix i took -- Tif's cute doggie! woof!

Friday, July 20, 2007

What to do now..?

What to do now..? what to do now..? I am coming to an end of my second year here in NTU.. here in RRC.. My boss came over to talk to me early this morning. He begun by requesting me to write a progress report. An exaggerating one, he emphasized. And for a moment, my mind blanked out. I got nothing to write I thought to myself. ... And before I could think of anything, he popped another difficult question -- "What is your career plan?", he asked. It was a rather heart-to-heart talk in the morning. I told him that I did think about it.. but have never come to an decision. I felt really stupid for not taking up any postgrad study... and I really know that I just can't continue as a Project Officer forever without advancing or moving on. But if I wanna move, which i really want to, but where to move on to ? I told him that studying is one option, working at a different sector is also another choice. I dun get what he meant, but he did offer me another yr of contract and said tt it is alright for me to stay. Yet, for my good he also suggest me to move on by studying a part time.So what shall i do? what shall i do now? or rather, what can i do now?

geez... and i still have this stupid progress report to write. Feeling really lousy now. ='(

Monday, July 16, 2007

Furama Crisis..

I have to wake up real early to attend a conference held by mae.. and that conference was held in Furama hotel. I really don't know my way manz, and I was late for the meeting up with other rrc ppl.. so geez.. I have to find my way there by myself. Alright, so I recalled Prof S and Joey mentioned it to be near the ministry of manpower.. and that Chinatown mrt is near to the hotel.. so.. I boarded a bus that took me to Chinatown.. to Furama. I thought that i was so smart to ask the bus uncle.. and the friendly bus driver had called me to alight when I reached the stop. However, it was when I reached the Furama hotel that I realised that there were 2 Furama. One is Furama Centre, the other is Furama RiverFront..
So appartently, I was at the wrong furama.. aaaaahhhhhhh.. and the counter-uncle told me to walk all the way down the street and I can find Furama Riverrfront. And so I did. With high heels.. and scorching morning sun, I perspired and stinked.. =S =(... It took me like 30 minutes to walk from one furama to another... .. there goes my beautiful morning. .. nahz.. nevertheless I reached the Furama riverfront 15 mins before the tea break. Oh.. and I saw YangL.. the nus gal that I met at my NZ conference. She is presenting at this conference too. Cool, she is so impressive. And suddenly i felt totally incompetent... eps after the whole incident... geez

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Farewell lunch from Sreekanth

Sreekanth is going back to India this month.. that is why he is giving boss and us a treat at this nice cosy indian restuarant at Penisular Plaza. It really one nice indian eating place without any indians' oil smell.. and the food were not that spicy. It is buffet styled which mean I can just try a bit of the food that i'd never seen before.. just too bad that they didn't serve my favorite spinach thingy dish =S... nahz.. but nevermind lahz.. cuz i thought i had learnt more Indian food thru this meal... =) I was glad that Prof S brought his daughter here too.. =) at least there is one more girl around to talk to me.. =P

Friday, July 13, 2007

Old Friends...

Guess who I met tonight, Fri the thirteen..? alright i guess that this was a bit hard.. because I myself didnt expect myself to see them too.. Anyway, while i was playing pool with some of colleagues after work, I met Decai and Beng.. my college's classmates ... but it was rather sad because we didnt catch up much.. because they were with their friends and I was with mine.. so yup.. we only say hi.. then short conversation.. then bye.. =( .. Beng, as usual.. didnt talk to me at all.. geez. I started to wonder if i had done anything wrong to him or is he purely a shy guy. Anyway.. I tried to sms them after that to apologise for not be able to catch up w them.. but geez.. I realised tt i dun have their no. anymore.. =S .... shit.. i must be very bad at keeping contacts with my old friends manz..

Friday, July 06, 2007


The Transformers.. more than meet the eye..
The Transformers.. robots in disguise..

Alright.. i am not a transformer fanatics, but hey.. how can i miss such a great show (esp when i am suppose to be a geek) ? Anyway, I went to catch the show on friday with a couple of friends and I thought it was really a good show.. its CG is pretty fantastic, sound effects were cool too.. and whole movie was action-packed and fun to watched.. umm.. quite cheesy at some part though... But nahz.. it is still a good show. Just that it was rather long.. or is it becuz i had a bad bladder sys..? cuz towards the end of thirty minutes, I started looking at my watch and eyeing the toilet sign near the entrance... I was seated right at the end of the row.. and the sound effect of the movie is so loud that it vibrate the whole theatre.. and that the theatre was so cold.. I FELT like peeing.. arrg.. Anyway.. i stayed through the whole movie dry.. but I kinda missed out why on earth that the Megatron would suddenly die..? =S.. so did the boy pushed in the cube into Optimus Prime? i think i missed that part manz.. while thinking of going to loo..