Friday, July 29, 2005

The past 2 weeks...

I had not been blogging for the past 2 weeks.. partially because i was busy last week and that i had a very bad week a fortnight ago..

Well i can't remember much of the things that had happened a fortnight ago.. what i could remember now was still my stubborness and sinfulness.. how me and sis trying to talked sense to mum at the MacDonald which ended up in quite an ugly situation... how i was in such ruefulness after that... and how a wretched person i am..

i needed to work.. i dun wanna to depend on her anymore.. so i went to get a part time job.. Hence, for the past one week, i had been working as an order processing officer at Amway.. it's quite an interesting job for it kept you busy. The amount of orders to process is unceasing, the number is so great that i needed to work overtime to finish processing the day's orders... and hence by the time i reached home, i was just too tired to go online..

The highlight of this 2 weeks, i guess, was that i went for Theresa's birthday party on the 23rd of Jul.. that was a very fun party for we got to wear our uniforms to attend that party. I couldn't find any of my school uniform =S so tree gotta me to wear her ACJC's uniform.. It's so cool, i think, to be able to wear some other's uniform.. Anyway.. i think Ray still gotta the best treat, he gotta wear tree's MGS uniform and hence gotta the fun of cross dressing as a gal...
and for the first time.. i drew comic strips as a birthday card to her.. i was so proud of myself to be able to produce such a creative stuff..

The next highlight.. was that i was asked to go for an interview yesterday in NTU... i was so nervous that i couldnt sleep for the whole Wed's night. I was thinking and researching online of what my job scope was like and was trying to run through the interview in my mind.. in the end, it was not an interview at all.. the in-charge was showing me around the lab and telling me what was expected of me.. in another word.. i gotta a job in NTU.. yippee.. i will be going back to school =P

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Project Timothy Bible Conference...

I just came back from PTBC which is a 3 days 2 nights stay-in conference that teaches people to handle the Word of God faithfully. This kind of bible conference is held every year and different speakers would be invited to speak and teach about some issue from the bible. Like last year, the topic is on Holy Spirit, whilst this year is on the issue of predestination.

I personally had learnt much from the conference ( but well, i will not try to write out a summary now cuz mi a bit lazy now.. =p.. maybe some other time ba.. ) and had made some new friends from other churches too. For me, the workshops on how to read the book of Revelations and Hebrews was very useful, though it was quite brief and short, i think i had learnt a lot from Ray Galean and Peter O'Brien... even from their sermons, they had encouraged me a great deal, to perserve in the faith I had in Christ Jesus and to really trust in God's sovereignty..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sister's Convocation...

This was kinda duhz lorz... that she finished her exams earlier than me, but her convocation was a few days after mine. Anyway, too bad for her lahz because we had forgotten to charge the camera after using it for my convo on monday... and so, she had to take pics on her frenz' camera..

Played chinese chess with dad while waiting for the ceremony to start, since we were one hour early and then we sat there and waited for another 1 hr so for sis to get onto the stage and then another 1 hour before the whole ceremony ended...

So yup.. sis's convo is one highlight of today.. another thing was that i'd met irene at serene's centre today, I'm so glad to have met her for she was one dear friend of mine in badminton team during JC time, and i was so encouraged to hear that she is still holding fast to the faith in Christ.. We chatted a lot, mainly to update one another of our life so far.. it was then that i realised and was thankful that i had learnt and grew much in Christ in these 4 yrs too.. I prayed that she would continued to grow in her faith so that the next time we meet we can still encourage one another in this manner.

Monday, July 11, 2005


yup yup.. this day was my convocation, and well this was my first time attending convo and also the first time that i'm wearing the academic gown.. the first time that my dad attended a ceremony of mine and guessed this was also be one last event tt would conclude one chapter of my life.. so felt a bit nervous then.

The ceremony was pretty boring.. I waited and clapped my hands for like 1 hour before i could proceed to the stage. While waiting, I was talking to 2 fellow CE guys, beside me, whom i had never seen before.. so well, it was really hard to find topic to talk to them, hence there were many awkward silence..

Thereafter the ceremony, i went around, with ray as the cameraman (my camera was w my sis and she was nowhere to be found), to take pics with my different lecture mates... Found my sis, and therefore my camera, later... so gotta yifen to help as the camerawoman..=P.. nahz.. but in the end, dun think i had taken much pic.. I could remembered last year i was the camerawoman for Diana's convo and we had practically walked around the whole school to take pic and that was what i mean a lot..

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cake smashing...

I was back to some cake smashing action, since char.k is not around and I was in some kind of mischievous mode then, at ray's birthday.. the cake smashing was quite well done i think, at least it looked as if i hated him a lot.. hahaha.. anyway.. brother, you know that i dun.

Anyway, this party was really fun.. we had yongjie preaching about praying - i was quite shocked to see him delievering a short talk when i arrived but well it encouraged me in the end. The food was great.. and the number of people was just nice to be comfortable. Then we played my game of guessing the pattern... and as finale we had a magic show done by ray's friend which was as good as the professional... very entertaining i must say.

We went over to Grace's house to continue catching up with one another manz.. she gave us some souvenirs.. and chocolates before showing us her Europe trip's photos which was so much that we took more than 1 hr to view them.. i gotta a bit restless in the end, nevertheless i was happy for her, as we broswe thru the photo, that she had such a wonderful there..

Friday, July 08, 2005

Looking for job..

I woke up a bit earlier today to look for job after bumming for such a long time. Well, actually it was my sister who dragged me out of the bed.. She was very enthusiastic in finding jobs for herself, and helping me to find a job too. I do felt a bit 惭愧 though, at the same time thankful of her for what she had done.. Not that i had found a job in the end, but that i was motivated a bit to look for a job on my own.. and yar also for the ability to walk around.. feeling like a human, after staying too long at home in front of a computer... bleh..

Anyway, went to walk around on my own after job hunting, before going to church today. I was quite shocked to see two great of mine coming for service.. they were pinsin and mel.. woahz.. it had been ages since i last saw them face to face.. was quite happy though.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Finally, we are starting our bible study on the book of Obadiah after a month break.. I am excited. Really excited.. probably because of the wonderful introduction of this book and Malachi during the last adult meeting, I am anticipating to learn more... to know more, and to grow more into the r'ship with this faithful and unchanging God. Really pray that I can understand and understand it well.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Which church to go?

Yesterday, my tuition gal sms to ask me of my opinion of city harvest church because she will be visiting it today. Well i didnt told her much, so as not to confuse her; instead i just briefly told her that CHC is a good place for fun and loud musics but she will learn nothing about Jesus Christ.. and that i told her that she may go there to take a look and we shall discuss it today during our tuition session.

I was so glad to hear from her today that she had finally decided to believe in Christ. Thanks God for His mercy towards her. Then we spent like 1 hr or so talking about it before our lesson. We started off with how's her time in CHC and who brought her there etc, since she went there this morning, she said "woah their music is really loud.. but the speaker was good" "my friend brought both of us there.. but she is a lesbian" "i feel like going for their this talk by A.R Bernard"... i was quite dumbfolded with her reply.. then i wondered how to advise her on church choosing, without being judgmental towards CHC..

... I started by telling her a bit of the church scenes around us.. explain very briefly on the different denominations we have and also the charismatic nature of CHC. I pointed out to her that Christianity is not a religion where we do and don't to earn salvation and Christianity is not about us.. of how we can live a successful life. Christianity is all about CHRIST, God's king to save, judge and rule.. it's about the r'ship of the Creator and his creation. About we human, the creations kept telling our Creator that we dun need Him; that we want our own ways.. tt we rebel against Him. Instead of calling God God, we invented something that we want to be god. So God being a righteous God have to punish us for our wrongs, that's y we were dead, no gd r'ship w Him, no gd r'ship w ppl around us... we'r like dead ppl! It is only through Christ and Christ alone that we can have reconciled r'ship w God and be able to know Him. And it is upon knowing the Creator that we can understand the creation. That's why i told her that the key to note when choosing a church is that the church teaches Jesus Christ, our Lord and God faithfully and truthfully.

One can easily spot a church that did not teach Christ truthfully, for example if a church said that 'Christ did not really died' we can know for sure that the church is not teaching the right stuff. But how about churches that invented a Jesus that love to be clapped for and see worship as singing songs...? .. how about those that only tell you half truth? for example 'you must study the word of God because it will teach you of how to live ur daily life and bring you great success in ur marriage, ur business and investments.' but never talk about the suffering as christian. How..??=S The latter is so subtle, and hence so difficult for her, even us, to be reckoned with, what's more she's a new believer.

umm.. i started to wonder if i should just give her some advice and allow her to look around on her own.. or should i just recommend her and bring her to a church.. Anyway, i think i had done both le.. i had invited her to the friendship service in ARPC whilst trying to find out more about TNYF... at the same time worriedly i told her to go look around first lahz.. =S yar.. i know that it's quite irony but what to do.. can only pray to God laz...