Sunday, April 10, 2005


Today is the first time i witness baptism in ARPC.. Chris Chia had explained baptism well during the service that my sister really understand the meaning of baptism.. As i sit through however.. my mind is thinking of when shall i be baptised...? i used to decide to get baptised when i reached 21 so that i can dun need my parent's permission.. but then this backed off... now.. another question also raise up which is where shall i get baptised - SJSM or ARPC...? then looking back at these questions in my head... i started to wonder if i understand baptism or not..? If i see water baptism as an outward expression to the people that i am a Christ-follower.. do i need to be baptised when everyday to me is an outward expression to the people that i'm a stranger to the world..that i am a Christ-follower? Maybe i shall go through baptism with my sis .. or dun get baptised at all......?

haiz... sorry ahz.. those are just all the messy thoughts in my brain during that short 30 mins... anyway the sermon later is good and clear, with a great analogy in the end to bang in the idea that we loved someone whom we do not see because that is real thing.. more real that the things we do by sight... well i guess i dun really summarise well.. but if you wanna listen to this sermon.. pls go ahead.. =)

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