Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jurong Bird Park...

Interesting.. i spent the rest of my new year's day in Jurong Bird Park. Thanks to *n*, and hamster and cat and of course my sis. Woken up by hamster in the afternoon, and he asked me the weirdest thingy that i ever heard when i'm just awaken - "wanna go bird park?" ..

And well, u know what is my answer.. Anyway.. though in the end we could only spend one hour there in the park (bcuz by the time, i wake up and prepare.. it was 4pm, excluding the travelling.. =S... ), it was still a fun trip. I had finally seen the waterfall.. yahz.. the supposely highest man-made waterfall in SEA..

Then.. it rained.. but well.. amazingly, that doesnt dampened the mood. When we finished the one hour walk in the park, we headed to the hilltop restuarant to eat.. then walked up the tower to take a hilltop view of the jurong island... Oh well.. fun and fruitful i would say to summarise this day, though a bit regret that it rained and that we didnt catch the sunset from the hilltop... anyway.. yup! that's still a good way to begin the first day of 2006.

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