Saturday, December 16, 2006

So far in New Zealand..

Well.. so far so good. I am at Wellington's Downtown Backpackers Hostel right now. Only have less than 10 mins to type this blog.. gosh!

anyway, my trip so far was good. The conference went well, and the motel's boss had taken good care of the people staying in his motel.. all the people are very friendly.. Known a lot ppl at the conf.. taken lotsa pictures too..

After the conf, I went down Wellington on my own.. so from now onwards, I had to travel on my own.. stay in hostel.. and plan my own trip.. exciting!

Today at wellington, I know a denmak gal, and we went touring tog. We had went to the Te Papa Museum where we met up w another Israel lone gal traveller.. then we three of us went to Mt Victoria tog.. and then I left earlier to take the red cable car up to the Botanic Garden.. Well, I have to say Wellington is beautiful.. really really beautiful, but very very very windy and cold at the same time.

Tomorrow I will be heading to the south island. Going to Christchurch. Well i guess my this trip will not be too action-packed... it will be more of city stuff and sceneries i guess.. :) Well.. looking forward to christchurch.. w a bit of fear!

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hamster said...

Good that U're having fun. Take care! :)