Friday, March 25, 2005

What so good about Good Friday..?

Today is my sister's 21st birthday.. and also Good Friday.. and we held a party at parc vista... invited all her close friends to have free fun and food... but most importantly, the free gift of living water - the salvation.

Before the party, I am very excited.. really excited...
After the party, I am very glad.. really glad...

I'm excited because there are 30 odd non-Christians to hear the message... and I'm glad that these ppl actually listen attentively to Wee Seng as he gave the message.. there is no much movement and no disruptions at all.. I'm glad that Wee Seng's had delievered the message so well and faithful that some of the people there had actually started thinking.. in fact Wenfeng had even started asking questions. I'm glad because I know that God is at work in the back scene... he is merciful to save..

i'm so impressed by wee seng.. he can really catch the people's attention... and his message is short.. but impactful.. not dry.. with a bit of humor.. Most importantly, i feel that the message is faithful to the gospel. Hence, i decide to do a short write out of his message.

So what's good about Good Friday? this is the title...

- some of us here may know what is Good Friday about.. it about a death of a person known as Jesus Christ. If some had watched the 'Passion of Christ', you will know that the death of this Jesus is not something good.
- Jesus was being crucified. You may not know.. but the process of crucification is an extreme of pain and shame - a criminal to be crucified will be flogged first.. scorned by the soldiers, then they had to carried the cross and parade the town, stuck naked, to be humiliated by all ppl.
- On reaching the execution ground, the criminal will be nailed to the cross.. at the wrists and the ankles... where the joints are. This is immense pain and agony, because being nailed in this way, every breath that the person take, the whole body will be in intense pain... and this will continue until the person's lung collapse and he was suffocated to death.
- The death of Jesus, an innocent man, is of such pain and shame... surely this is not good.. that why is good friday good?
- Good friday is good because of the reason Jesus died. (1) Jesus died for our sins (2) Jesus died so that we can relate to God.

(1) Jesus died for our sins.
- I had no doubt that all of you here are very lovely ppl... if i ask you to write down 20 names of the ppl u loved, u will have no problem... " how can i be a sinner?"
- Sinner is not one that is always capable of doing bad, and not be able to do good at all.. Rather sinner is one that cannot do good all the time..
- yes.. u loved.. but u hated too... some u may even wish that u had the guts to kill.. Bible states that we all sinned, and that God's wrath is upon us.
- in the eye of God, there is no diff btw small sins and big sins.. just like in facing the tsunami, there is no diff btw a good swimer and bad swimer... All died.
- Hence, Jesus's death on the cross is to pay the price of our sins - death.

(2) Jesus died so that we can relate to God
- imagine a child who is well versed in all areas of his studies, good in all kinds of sport, and is a boy well-liked by all ppl. But when he came home... he talks nothing to his mum and dad at all... he treated them invisible.. disregard their existence... What kind of child is he?
- well we are like him... we had disregarded the existence of the God that had created us... that had provided us the land and plants and animails and water... we had treated him invisible... This is not the right r'ship w God!
- Jesus died so that we can have a right r'ship w God.. so that we may know his love... and be thankful for him...

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