Tuesday, August 09, 2005

40th National Day!

Happy 40th Birthday Singapore.
I had took some pictures of the firework from the highest level of my flat.. wanted to show it but.. erm.. too lazy to get it done... well try it put it up soon.. so stay tune.

And yup! This year I watched the parade at home after having the last bible study on Malachi at Dan and Alison's place..
Upon learning from the book of Obadiah and Malachi, I truly thank God that He had mercy on the nation of Singapore; cuz i had learnt from Obadiah especially, that if the Lord would bring down a nation, no one could raise it up again. What's more is that the Lord had allowed his gospel to be heard on this island, and that we can worship Him without any prosecution from the authority of this land. May Lord continue to cause His Word to bear fruits here. Amen!

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