Monday, August 29, 2005

Predictions cannot be proven...!

Finally my colleagues started talking about Christianity le.. but upon knowing that I am a Christian, the discussion didn't last very long. Hastily, the conversation ended with "when it comes to religion, it is very hard to talked (or come to a compromise)".

We started off this topic because one of my colleague was approached by a Christian, who apparently evangelised to him. However, from what my friend commented, the christian had seemed to show him many predictions from the bible that had happened, and told him some more predictions that will to happen. My friend's response, in the end, was as described in the title.. that predictions cannot be proven; I didnt mention a thing throughout.. (guilty) because I kinda agreed (correct me if i am wrong), to his response because i do agree that the bible is not predicting the events happening on earth - like when was Israel coming back as nation, when there will be a chip in our hand, when everyone will have a number craved onto the head.. or when is the end of the day.. Rather i see that whatever the bible say or reveal or predict is about the person of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ only - of who is he, what he'd done, and what will he do. And that the bible is very clear, that the Christ will comes back and when he comes back this old world and its ways will come to an end. Amen!Well as for now.. just hope that there may be some other chances where we can talk more..

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