Friday, December 30, 2005

PRC Orientation Camp 2005

This would be the second time i had attended a prc freshmen camp. This time, i was just a day-tripper.. or rather a night-tripper, for i only join them in their night activities. So i do not have a group of my own, but well, my dear sister, *n*, was kind enough to have me joined her group so that i can help her out in the cheer leading competition... duhz.. and so, there i went..

The group, this year, was fun and managable. I have to said this group was different from the group i had last night as this year's ppl were more enthusiastic, and more modernised.. (if i had used the right word) Anyway.. i did had fun with them. I had joined them at Chinatown while they were having their dinner there.. i was quite shocked that they were not shocked to see a stranger join them out of no where.. but they were really friendly to me.. =).. The second night i joined them for their finale, as promised, but.. erm.. never fulfil my agreement to help out in the cheer, cuz i was really not familar w their cheer manz.. anyway.. it was really funny to see *n* rant and cheered.. that was one side of her that one would seldom,.. or never see..

Anyway.. as what i had felt last year.. this event was fun, and can say tt f'ship was built.. but i still feel that it is just the beginning.. the surface.. and more work is needed to be done with these people that we have came in contact with. Hopefully, in God's good timing, these people could come to hear and trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ.. hopefully though us.. i really hope that i can be less lazy.. and more lovingly.. so that i could be motivated to cont'd the f'ship w these ppl.. May God help us.. and me.

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