Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day (cum Daddy's birthday) Dinner...

Umm.. so the most recent great thing, beside the church camp, was the Mother's day dinner.. well.. that day was my dad's birthday too; so me and my sister used this as an excuse, or rather reason, to invite both my dad and mum to the Mother's Day dinner organised by ARPC Chinese ministry (of course we did tell them that this is a Christian event, and there will be a person preaching).

It was such a rare occasion that my dad and mum actually agreed to go out together.. (well they have some problem w one another) and a miracle for them to sit through and listened to a sermon about Jesus Christ. Though dad and mum didnt respose to the message, I see it as a beginning.. at least now dad didnt flared up and this would imply to me that there will be more chance for me to talk to him about Christianity.

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