Sunday, July 09, 2006

... Children church...?

After the camp, I got to know more children church's helpers.. and so.. I had been invited to go down and take a look.. umm... but i had been delaying the going down to cc until today..

Today was the first time i dragged myself up, and headed church before 9.. haiz.. but i am still late.. =S.. nevertheless.. i was there in time to help out a bit lahz.. hee... well.. my after thoughts attending cc.. umm.. the toddlers are very nice to cuddle.. =P.. very nice to be with.. cuz they are really soft.. and being w them.. i not need to think so much.. and geez.. can continue to act cute.. hahaha =p... nahz.. but i still prefer study bible with people.. =S.. arrgg... *scratch hair* ... should one do what one like.. or to do wherever help needed? haiz.. stop thinking ba.. =p

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