Tuesday, July 18, 2006

S1 Gathering...

Thanks to Hooi’s initiative, S1 got to meet up for dinner tonight. It had been a long time since this JC class of mine get together. Though some of us were in the same uni, the chances of meeting up for meals was just too slim manz... Nai.. nevertheless, it is always good to meet up with old friends.. catching up with one another.. talking and laughing at the past together, and suaning each another.. =p

Well about half of the class turned up.. most of the gals are teachers now.. umm.. maybe using ‘most’ is too much.. only emily, janet and waiyi became a teacher, the rest of the gals were in other different jobs... Guys were still the same, i think.. i felt that there were not much changes in them... umm.. they are still schooling ... still sit at a different table as the gals... hahaha.. and their way of talking are still the same..

Then after dinner I got to talk to some of them more over drinks.. just to realize that the guys do changed.. They had changed to be more materialistic since the topic we had revolve around how to be a millionaire by the age of forty.. duhz.. well.. I was trying my best not to be influenced by the topic.. 怎么说.. i had go thru the phase of fighting the g-monster.. dun wanna go thru it again..

But oh well .. from what my senior working adults friends had said, it was a norm for the fresh grad coming in the workforce w the intention of getting rich by a certain age.. but as years goes by.. the drive for making big bucks will subsided.. umm.. i wondered how true was that.

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