Saturday, July 29, 2006

yippee.. ktv..

It had been a very very long time since i stepped into a ktv lounge.. The partyworld in orchard still look the same, just the company i went with this time is so different manz. This is the first time i went ktv with more guys than gals.. ha.. so no problem singing duets but nahz,i didnt sing much duet.. duh. Anyway, the organiser is unexpectedly, our dear *n*. It's unexpecting, because she dun sing. Nevertheless, she organised this for our prc friends (which explains why there were more guys than gals), so that we can catch up with them before their school starts.

We had been reaching out to them since the last few years, and it is never easy due to the lack of manpower and 'man'power. Going out with them as a big group is always easy and fun.. but the getting down to know them individual and be part of their life is the tough part, it req'd great discernment esp for us gals.. that's y we go in pair or herd.. crap! what am i talking..? =S =S

Anyway, what i wanna say is that we were quite glad that we had a brother with us to talk to the other ten odd guys during the lunch-cum-ktv outing. Well.. i dunno k**** that well, so dunno what's his plan when he is going to be here for one yr... but at least for me, I really hope that i wouldnt have another wasteful yr here.. not that i'd wasted my this year in ntu.. just that, i felt a bit regreted of spending more time talking to BASIC and busying w my work, rather than being with my chinese friends.. hope that this yr will be a better year.

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