Friday, August 18, 2006

Forbidden City Musical @ Esplanade

This is the first time i watched a performance in Esplanade.. well.. it is expensive but i think it is worth it.. because the musical was the forbidden city : the protrait of the empress. It was so cool. They used simple props on stage.. but with the lightings and arrangements, the whole stage depicted each scene well.. in fact very well and dynamics. You dun feel that they are changing the scene.. (unlike some other musicals that i had seen, they would switch off the light when changing scenes.) The whole performance was fabulous too.. Costumes were very nice, songs were good and catchy, and Kit Chan sang well. Well.. but i think that the foreign talents sang better..:P.. hee.. they were more powerful and they sounded more 'round' compare to the asians. Nevertheless, it was very nice and fun experience to watch a musical in such a nice threate.. esp with di*n*(didi) and her friend 'yy'. As 'didi' is a good choir singer herself, she had given me quite a number of insights to musical performance.. and hee.. thanks to 'yy'.. we had a cool chill out treat from him at the oriental hotel after the performance.. Geez.. the nightscape of Singapore is beautiful... well hope that there is more such musical outing in near future..

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