Monday, September 04, 2006

KL Adventure...

Just went and came back from a short KL trip.. It's was どうも おもしろ!! .. very interesting. Alright, you may call me 'mountain tortoise' but that was really my very first time to travel alone with my sis in this manner.. so i was really excited and hence this is going to be a farely long post.. ermm bear w it manz..

So, we reached KL at 4 am on the 23 Aug, and had to walk along the lamppost-lit streets to look for our hotel, and get familarise with the place. I had to admit tt it was a bit scary, but at the same time i was relieved that i had my sis w me. =) and thankfully there was quite a number of 7-11 around, so we had been asking around before we found our hotel. The attender, however, told us that the earliest time we can book in was 9 am. =S.. so we decided to roam around the street again, to kill time while waiting for dawn. Umm.. to be precise, was to wait for the first bus.

We planned to go to Batu Cave on our first morning. So yup, at around 6, we hopped on a KL public bus no. 15. The bus was not as bad as i had thought. It was air-conditioned and clean surprisingly. It took about 45 mins to bring us to the cave. And wow.. nice beautiful hill and ya huge golden statue too.. There was a 273-steps long stairway tt lead to the cave entrance, so we climbed it, and went into the cave and yup took some pic. The climbing down the stairs was a more scary experience. Anyway, we got down and headed back town at around 10am.

Then we went into a museum, by chance, before we went back and checked in to our hotel. After checking in, we took a long walk to somewhere near Lot 10 shopping centre, trying to find the food tt my sis insisted. In the end, we found e place after an hour of walk, just to see that it was not opening for business. nahz.. then we walked back and took a LTR to KLCC to queue up for a visit up to the Petronas Tower. But it was fruitless too. They only give out 1400 tickets every morning. Disappointedly, we lunched at their foodcourt b4 we headed back hotel. I was down w fever in the evening then, so we decided to postpone the firefly trip to e next day, and LRT-ed down to mid-valley mall instead, and had dined at an indian restuarant.

The second day is more packed, because what we planned to do on the 1st day were all postponed to e 2nd day. We woke up late, so we were rushing to wash up and prepare for checking out... had a quick breakfast and LRT-ed down to KLCC to queue up for the tickets to get up Petronas Tower. Well.. we were very very lucky! we had gotta the last 2 tiks to go up the skybridge!! Cool.. but have to wait till 245pm. So, meanwhile, we LRT-ed up to Wangsa Manju to visit my ex-colleague, and he treated us lunch and drove us to his sch to take a look. Then, we gotta back to KLCC, and yup went up the Petronas. Sis was really disappointed, cuz she thought tt the bridge is going to move up and down. Well, it was just an ordinary bridge on the 41st level and we can only stay there for 10 mins, nevertheless, i was still glad to have gone up.

Lastly, we went to the KL central and bought 2 train tickets to go home that night at 10pm. yippee.. i was going to take a train. But meanwhile, we still have the firefly resort to visit. So got on a bus and travelled 2&1/2 hrs to reach a deserted bus interchange in selangor. Scary. We asked a lady and she said we need to take a cab, and led us to a bunch of taxi uncles. More scary. We went forward, and ask the uncles.. gosh, they dun understand Eng at all. But they managed to pick up key words like 'firefly', so one uncle offered us a ride there w a cab fare of RM20. We agreed.

Thanks God that we were able to reach the resort safely.. That place was really 'wu-lu' manz but the resort was not bad. =) We quickly got the boat tickets to see the fireflies, and the earliest was 745 pm. It was a 30 mins boat ride that brought us across the lake to the trees where the fireflies were. There were a group of Japanese tourists with us, and they were all exclaming ' きれい'.. ' すごい' Well.. my sis and i were really amused, and were also exclaming in our hearts 'きれい' (beautiful) and 'すごい' (incredible). The fireflies really looked like christmas lights that blinked inside the trees in the total darkness; occasionally one or two will fly towards us, and plus the boat ride, the whole experience was すごい.

But, this firefly trip caused us to miss our train back to S'pore. We even almost miss the bus back to KL. that's really scary then. But we were fortunated to be able to take a different bus to Klang, and there we followed a stranger to the Klang train station and rushed back to KL central. We missed the train. So we decided to sit there at the station till morning so tt we can get some bus back to s'pore. From midnight till 7 am, that night was really hard to spend manz. We were really tired but couldnt really sleep, because there were some guys hanging ard the station like us too. In the end, we went to a 24 hours prata shop and played hangman throughout the night.

Gosh.. we really missed home after that. So, as soon as morning break, we went to purchase the earliest ticket home. In summary, this had been an interesting, exciting but tiring trip. Thankfully, that everything went well.

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