Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some Updates

Alright.. I know that this is late... i just gotta so many things to do at work these few days few weeks that I can’t really sleep tight each night.. let alone writing blog and editing the photos. So over this post. I will just give a brief overview of some part of my life these few days few weeks. Gosh!.. i sounded like i am writing a report. =S

Anyway.. yup.. Work is never ending. I thought everything was going to end on the 28 of July since that day was the final presentation for my project. So i had been rushing my presentation and reportS , as if i was in hell, a few days before the dateline and what do i have in the end was more work to be done. Sigh! Nevertheless, it was a relief to me that the project is coming to an end.. sooon.. and this shall act as a motivation for me to continue in work.. nahz.. I shall not be too grumpy about work.. rather, i shall be thankful ahz.. at least i had a job that earn me some allowances, flexible working hours, do the things that i like.. more importantly, able to keep in contact of all my uni frens.. =)

Yup.. see i gotta attend their convocations and take photos with them, simply because I was working in sch.. =)

But nahz.. i didnt go to all the convo.. i had only attened **n's, tyc's, and pauline's.. =p.. i was quite busy w my work though. This week was also my project's datedue week. The 'des-ta' guy will be coming down for a final review of my work. So i need to prepare a presentation, touch up and print out my final report, and test report and user manual, and prepare a soft copy of all the documents and my codes, and do up the demonstration.. arrrhhh.. so was real stressssed-up during the last few days.

But well.. everything had went well..thank God. I still can't believed i had managed to do so many things in a few days, given to my lazy character. So, yup the photo-taking that day was like a reward to me loz..lol.

Another reward-ish outing to me was the KTV outing on the 29 Jul. umm.. read more about it in the post down there ba.. I dun like to lenghten this post =p.. lol
So that's it.. =) =) heeez..


Anonymous said...

You and your sister ,Hui Ya share the same MSN yahits33@hotmail.com?

weez9al said...

no.. why? umm.. who are u?

GunBlad3 said...

Haha...drag Grace and Steve along lah ;) They'll be around in Australia during then right? Maybe can join u =)