Saturday, September 23, 2006


gosh.. what a dramatic weekend! It ought to be a normal peaceful saturday, where a bunch of ARPC gals and boys met up for ktv and simple dinner. Well... the ktv session went well, though it was with unfamiliar group, i still hog onto the mic most of the time. nahz.. but this is not what i wanna share. What happened is that, i had also invited C****t**e, one of my dg gal, to join us for the ktv. And she had had a terrible incident on thurs, which led on to Fri and also today. She found out that her landlord is a pervert! yuck.. even though he is eighty odd yrs old. The maid told her about the perversive acts of the 'gong gong' on thurs and today, the 'gong gong' is sacking her and sending her back to her hometown. So the poor maid called after our ktv asking for help.
Thereafter, we skipped our dinner and went straight to the police station and file a report against the 'gong gong' so that the police could do something to protect the maid.. well. Thank God that pat was around. To the cops, this was too small a case for them to bother.. but pat was so vocal that the police can't help but to help us.. After the police report.. the ktv gang went along to C's rented place to help packed her stuff. Sis had offered her to stay at our place.. so yup.. i rushed home cleared up my 'barang barang' and prepare for her coming instead. geez.. what a long tiring day after this whole lot.

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