Saturday, September 16, 2006

New born gal.. Samatha Ruth ;)

Welcome to earth.. Samatha..!

Well.. she is Janice and Carlen's first baby gal.. and my dear janice gave birth to her yesterday. I went to visit her today and was glad to see that everything was fine and well. And, can see that this young dad and mum were well prepared for her arrival. Well.. I had stayed there for quite long to take pictures.. and take many pictures.. well and also to learn a bit of how to take care of baby when the doctor is teaching the young parent. Although Janice said that child-bearing process was not that difficult, because she couldn't feel anything after the anaesthesia, I still think it really require great courage and love to want to give birth.. and to raise up a kid. Nah.. nevertheless.. I am very happy and feel amazing to see new birth.. esp newborn of someone i knows.

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