Saturday, January 15, 2005


The very very best gift that i ever recieved and till now am still grateful and still love it.. is the gift of salvation from the LORD... whom once I was His enemy, and His gift I do not deserved. It was in His grace and mercy that He offered me this gift of living water... not only He forgive me for being His enemy, He called me His child... co-heir with His Son - that mean the sufferings now here will not be able to compare to the glories we will all share.

I know i did not express it well but ya.. that's the very best gift..

And today i received my next best gift..

It's from my church cell group. They are a big group of people whom I don't really know well and they dun really know me well too... so this gift is something i will not expect too. I am not trying to draw comparsion between the first and the second gift... in fact no comparsion can be drawn... I just want to express how grateful I am upon receiving this birthday gift.. something i longed..

There is a sense of undeserving, hence a great sense of happiness and gratefulness.. this leads me to want to know them more... so that we can each other better... such that what i know of them is not an opinion from me.. likewise with the first gift... the right response towards it shall be to KNOW the Giver more by knowing, not guessing, what He's saying.
Rather than forming opinions of our own... understand his Word... we used to not know the Lord... but now we can.. because He had given us the gift...

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