Friday, June 17, 2005

How's your mum..?

This is the first "greeeting" i gotta from Wee Seng when i went for the Fri's service today... "How's my mum..? err.. she is ok lahz.. aarrrggg *hand pulling hair*.. she callled u too?... gosh! think she had called a lot of ppl... " "nahz.. nvm lahz... it's ok lahz.. just that now the whole church is wondering who is huiqing and huiya le..." arrggg.. *shame... hand cover face*"

Guess what had my mum done..? she called up the whole list of numbers in front of the bulletin, from Chris Chia to John Wong..., to find out where were us.. cuz our bus was super late.. we only arrived church at 930 and our phone was flat.. and we didnt ask anyone for a phone to call back and.. we went to eat something.. ok... serve us right..!

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