Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meet the client...

Today, i went over to tye wei's place to meet the client of the project that we had been working for. Yar.. and his name is Bobby. Well, i kinda thought that that will be last day of the project cuz it felt so much like a project presentation to a lab supervisor when Ray presented the workflow of the project. What's so different is that the client, unlike the professor in school, dun seem knowledgable.. so it's less stressful i guess..

But well... towards the end of it, the meeting turned into an argument.. some bickering so that each side can reach an agreement. The client wanted lotsa stuffs in their website.. but... refuse to pay us extra for it.. so yar.. it's a bit unfair to us lahz.. so TW.. kinda restricted the client to make as little changes as possible..

well.. was trying my best to look serious then, and try to learn as much as i could.. but guess maybe the only thing that i'd learnt from today's meeting is the skill of negotiation baz..

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