Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today is a busy day...

Finally.. the php project had started.. yes we (mi, ray & yongjie) gotta the php tuition proj liaoz, and what awaiting us ahead is the hellish period of programming.. anyway.. we went down to meet the tye wei.. the person-in-charge early in the morning.. where he explained the spec to us..

then ray do his subj registration there.. i do not have to do it anymore.. but well, upon looking at him.. i can still remember the anxious times that i had whilst registering for the last 4 yrs... umm..

Then we went to eat before meeting tree to shop for their gadgets.. long time no see tree.. so much things to say.. so many things in common.. well at least both of us are inactively looking for job..

Finally the thing that i'm looking forward to.. the dinner w xiuli.. miss her so much.. and since it was her bday yesterday, so we met up, tog w ann.. pizza at spizza is good.. but the customer service there.. sigh.. but the tea treat at Essential Brew is fabulous manz.. the ambience is real good and the service is excellent.. we had a wonderful time playing truth or dare.. catching up w one another and drinking tea.. before i went back to school w ann and cont'd our talk till wee hours...

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