Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cake smashing...

I was back to some cake smashing action, since char.k is not around and I was in some kind of mischievous mode then, at ray's birthday.. the cake smashing was quite well done i think, at least it looked as if i hated him a lot.. hahaha.. anyway.. brother, you know that i dun.

Anyway, this party was really fun.. we had yongjie preaching about praying - i was quite shocked to see him delievering a short talk when i arrived but well it encouraged me in the end. The food was great.. and the number of people was just nice to be comfortable. Then we played my game of guessing the pattern... and as finale we had a magic show done by ray's friend which was as good as the professional... very entertaining i must say.

We went over to Grace's house to continue catching up with one another manz.. she gave us some souvenirs.. and chocolates before showing us her Europe trip's photos which was so much that we took more than 1 hr to view them.. i gotta a bit restless in the end, nevertheless i was happy for her, as we broswe thru the photo, that she had such a wonderful there..


GunBlad3 said...

I know you don't hate me, don't worry sister. =)

Just remember that come your birthday....muahahah ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... maybe we can have a second round sometime this weekend.

Oh, but on second thoughts, maybe not. It's not a very mature thing to do, you know? =p