Friday, July 08, 2005

Looking for job..

I woke up a bit earlier today to look for job after bumming for such a long time. Well, actually it was my sister who dragged me out of the bed.. She was very enthusiastic in finding jobs for herself, and helping me to find a job too. I do felt a bit 惭愧 though, at the same time thankful of her for what she had done.. Not that i had found a job in the end, but that i was motivated a bit to look for a job on my own.. and yar also for the ability to walk around.. feeling like a human, after staying too long at home in front of a computer... bleh..

Anyway, went to walk around on my own after job hunting, before going to church today. I was quite shocked to see two great of mine coming for service.. they were pinsin and mel.. woahz.. it had been ages since i last saw them face to face.. was quite happy though.

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