Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bible Study Retreat...

I took a leave yesterday to go to the retreat organized by yongjie and ray for the 'friend-friend bible study group". What can I said, it was such a great retreat, especially at this time when i was battling the greedy monster... It provided me a time out to refresh my mind so that it can be set on the things in heaven. Yongjie and ray went through "God's Big picture" during the retreat, it reminded me of the things that God had been doing since the beginning of man's history, and the things He is going to do in man's future, and how we are in the plan of His, and how we are involved in the plan God has for mankind. This reminded me greatly, and then how ashamed I was to realize that I wasn't actively thinking of the things God had revealed, whereas I was looking into satisfying my own needs on my own... Oh God, how i hope i could be reminded of the things in heaven often manz.. =s

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