Monday, March 06, 2006

Disappointment.. it brings about....

I went to the ARPC membership class with my sis yesterday. It was a half-a-day event which started at 9 and ended at 4. I was totally glad that i had gone for this class. It'd given me a chance to retreat and re-focus on God and his good will. Chris Chia had spent the whole day with us, reminding us again on who is Christ, what is he here for and who were/are us before the Lord... etc. I had learnt and reminded of many things.

One of the many things that P.Chris had said that truly stirred my heart and thoughts is really the part when he was explaining Christ as the suffering Messiah. When Jesus told his disciples that the Son of Man must suffer and must be killed, Peter brought him aside to rebuke Him. Then P.Chris said (paraphrased by me), "The Jews expected a political Messiah.. not a meek, suffering one, hence it brought great disappointment to the Jews, when Jesus kept saying that he must be killed."... Then he cont'd.. (also paraphrased by me) " you see, great disappointment brings about..? What do u think great disappointment brings about..?" He asked it many times, with his hands gesturing a wide gap in height, and I thought it was 'rebuking' in my head. "What do u think comes after disappointment..?" he asked again.. but this time he answered his own question, "it's rejection lah"

Oh.. at that moment, i thought how true was it. Then, as a typical Chris Chia, he went on explaining this from Jesus' context and with many many real-life examples.. But in my mind, many many such examples from my memories was flowing thru me... i was totally ashamed of myself then, of how i had been so indifferent towards, rather how i had rejected, my mum , my aunt and some of my friends just because of my disappointment in them. I felt a tingle of sadness for those who i had known too, who was rejected and rejected others due to disappointment. Then.. i see again.. how utterly sinful we are.. how great is God's mercy, and how much more we need to depend on God to love others..

Of course, the things that i had learnt yesterday is not just this.. there are other mind-provoking issues too.. so yup.. in overall, i am glad, despite having to wake up early, that i had gone for the membership class.

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hamster said...

Good that you went for the class then. God always works in marvellous ways to teach us and to help us to learn.

So are you intending to transfer membership or be baptized?