Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hospital Visit...

I always hate going to hospital.. always. Hospital always put into me this melancholy moods and feelings which i really dislike.. I actually have to think hard of how to response and what to say when i am meeting the person in the hospital. Today was not an exception.

Granny was admitted to hospital again.. this time because of her weak heart, her kidneys are failing, and she couldnt control but to shit and pee wherever she goes. (Poor cousin mei, that she has to do all the cleaning up).. Doctor said that her heart may just stop anytime without any symptom.. That's so scary.. What is more, last night, cousin Ling is admitted to hospital too.. because she is giving birth to her child soon. So ya.. one happy occasion, the latter's not.

I visited cousin first (and of course gotta the above granny's condition from her), as i thought i could record or take some pics of the baby and show it to granny later, so that umm.. i gotta something to talk to granny later. Well, but that didn't help much i guess.. in the end i still struggle while talking to granny with my deteriorated hainanese (sad.. as i used to speak good hainanese =S )... and also struggle hard to find things to talk about with her. Nahz.. anyway.. after visiting them, the consequences and impacts of sin in this world just daunted me again.. u see new life born into a decaying world.. yet there is nothing i can do.. Well .. i really hope to tell them the gospel.. but lack of courage.. so i prayed, and depend on God's sovereignty and good timing... I will try to get the hainanese gospel, from one helpful couple in ARPC (=P forgotten their names), soon.. but really prayed that i may have the guts to play it for granny manz.. =S =S

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