Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wedding Day of TYC and Vera...

This day is the wedding day of a dearest brother-in-Christ (it is also my dearest sis's birthday), and I was the chinese emcee of the wedding; and thankfully, I gotta back my voice on the wedding day itself.

Yup.. I had a terrible sore throat a week before then, and had lost my voice on monday of that week. So I had gone for 2 doctors, and gotten 2 gargles (one was from my boss) and had been eating soupy stuffs and drinking all sorts of herbal tea just to get the voice back.. Manz.. thanks God for having my voice back such that i could sing and host for the wedding of tyc and vera.

Oh talk more, I really appreciate this dear brother-in-christ, as it was this brother who dragged me to the CF-FOC so that I could be more involved in CF (i only go for music min in year one). Since then, I started to attend CF bible studies in yr 2. Then in yr 2 sem 2, he was the one who dragged (again) me to one of the CF's prayer meeting where there I was being introduced to and learnt and encouraged more from some new staff workers. I still remembered that the messages were taken from 1 Thessalonians.. teaching us what a real church is from the bible, and what is real Christian living is like. Not forgetting the time in SMU too.. i was influenced by him to attended a workshop in SMU, where i learnt how to read the bible in context.

Thereafter, I began to understand the christian faith more, and grew much (w the help of HS). I wondered if he knew it or not, there were a number of people who I am grateful for whenever I think about my faith and understanding now, and he is definitely one of them.

I guessed he had grew much too. From the way, his wedding was held, I was grateful that God had indeed worked in his and vera's life.. bringing them to grow well in the knowledge of our Lord and savior. And of course, not just the 2 of them, there are a number of us, when looking back, had grew much too. Though, there were still some disappointments, i guessed i still can trust God in working in the life of people.

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