Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sad news dun come alone...

Read up tree's blog again last morning.. and realised that her grandma passed away. Sad.. very sad.. especially when i recalled how tree had tried to evangelized to her granny one year ago.. especially when i had saw this pleasant old lady during tree's farewell party 4 months ago.. especially when this hainanese granny reminded of my own grandma who is in the hospital now...

Gone to the wake later in the evening.. tree was strong, though she was grief-stricken. I wondered how would i be if i were her.. and also.. during the wake.. I am battling, in my minds, with the issue of going through the ritual.. shall i go thru the ritual without holding the joysticks, just being filial and respect.. or should i not participate it at all..? .. i couldnt come to a conclusion.. so probably will discuss this w my sis when the time comes ba.. =S


GunBlad3 said...

With regards to the whole thing regarding your grandma, take heart. May you and your sis decide on what's best, and do it? Even if it's not particularly pleasant..

Will be keeping you guys in prayer..

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... an old person is lying in the hospital bed and you are whining about holding a joss-stick.

While you on the topic of joss sticks, why don't you go further by smashing false idols?

Might as well right?

You could do something positive like being with the old person at his/her last days....or you can worry about holding joss sticks, and converting them.... your choice.

Anonymous said...

Don't lose heart, little sister. =)
Keep on being faithful in sharing the good news. You can be with her in her last days while finding opportunities to share.

Keeping you in prayer too.

- Ann