Friday, July 20, 2007

What to do now..?

What to do now..? what to do now..? I am coming to an end of my second year here in NTU.. here in RRC.. My boss came over to talk to me early this morning. He begun by requesting me to write a progress report. An exaggerating one, he emphasized. And for a moment, my mind blanked out. I got nothing to write I thought to myself. ... And before I could think of anything, he popped another difficult question -- "What is your career plan?", he asked. It was a rather heart-to-heart talk in the morning. I told him that I did think about it.. but have never come to an decision. I felt really stupid for not taking up any postgrad study... and I really know that I just can't continue as a Project Officer forever without advancing or moving on. But if I wanna move, which i really want to, but where to move on to ? I told him that studying is one option, working at a different sector is also another choice. I dun get what he meant, but he did offer me another yr of contract and said tt it is alright for me to stay. Yet, for my good he also suggest me to move on by studying a part time.So what shall i do? what shall i do now? or rather, what can i do now?

geez... and i still have this stupid progress report to write. Feeling really lousy now. ='(

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