Friday, July 06, 2007


The Transformers.. more than meet the eye..
The Transformers.. robots in disguise..

Alright.. i am not a transformer fanatics, but hey.. how can i miss such a great show (esp when i am suppose to be a geek) ? Anyway, I went to catch the show on friday with a couple of friends and I thought it was really a good show.. its CG is pretty fantastic, sound effects were cool too.. and whole movie was action-packed and fun to watched.. umm.. quite cheesy at some part though... But nahz.. it is still a good show. Just that it was rather long.. or is it becuz i had a bad bladder sys..? cuz towards the end of thirty minutes, I started looking at my watch and eyeing the toilet sign near the entrance... I was seated right at the end of the row.. and the sound effect of the movie is so loud that it vibrate the whole theatre.. and that the theatre was so cold.. I FELT like peeing.. arrg.. Anyway.. i stayed through the whole movie dry.. but I kinda missed out why on earth that the Megatron would suddenly die..? =S.. so did the boy pushed in the cube into Optimus Prime? i think i missed that part manz.. while thinking of going to loo..

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