Saturday, July 28, 2007

Catching up with secondary school friendz...

I met my secondary school galfriends at TB 2 weeks ago. It's a bit awakward.. but we did manage to have some small catching up inside the NTUC. Then, they invited me to a bbq gathering that they were organising. Well, I was really surprise to see that they were still keeping close contact with one another.. which i dun normally do with my frens.. Anyway, I am really glad that they invited me. So, today I went to meet them up after my facial spa session. geez.. i shouldnt do my facial on this day, as my face was reddish after the blackhead extraction. anyway, after much concealer, i went pasir ris to meet up with the gals. Well... it was still not as bad as i thought, i thought i will have a hard time clinch in after so long.. appartently they were still the same kind, next-door-gals i knew when we were in sec sch. I had a bit of food, chat up w ling2, and A, and JM.. then we did some bridge card game. I was a bit regretted for not taking any pix, this is the only pix i took -- Tif's cute doggie! woof!

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