Friday, July 13, 2007

Old Friends...

Guess who I met tonight, Fri the thirteen..? alright i guess that this was a bit hard.. because I myself didnt expect myself to see them too.. Anyway, while i was playing pool with some of colleagues after work, I met Decai and Beng.. my college's classmates ... but it was rather sad because we didnt catch up much.. because they were with their friends and I was with mine.. so yup.. we only say hi.. then short conversation.. then bye.. =( .. Beng, as usual.. didnt talk to me at all.. geez. I started to wonder if i had done anything wrong to him or is he purely a shy guy. Anyway.. I tried to sms them after that to apologise for not be able to catch up w them.. but geez.. I realised tt i dun have their no. anymore.. =S .... shit.. i must be very bad at keeping contacts with my old friends manz..

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