Monday, July 16, 2007

Furama Crisis..

I have to wake up real early to attend a conference held by mae.. and that conference was held in Furama hotel. I really don't know my way manz, and I was late for the meeting up with other rrc ppl.. so geez.. I have to find my way there by myself. Alright, so I recalled Prof S and Joey mentioned it to be near the ministry of manpower.. and that Chinatown mrt is near to the hotel.. so.. I boarded a bus that took me to Chinatown.. to Furama. I thought that i was so smart to ask the bus uncle.. and the friendly bus driver had called me to alight when I reached the stop. However, it was when I reached the Furama hotel that I realised that there were 2 Furama. One is Furama Centre, the other is Furama RiverFront..
So appartently, I was at the wrong furama.. aaaaahhhhhhh.. and the counter-uncle told me to walk all the way down the street and I can find Furama Riverrfront. And so I did. With high heels.. and scorching morning sun, I perspired and stinked.. =S =(... It took me like 30 minutes to walk from one furama to another... .. there goes my beautiful morning. .. nahz.. nevertheless I reached the Furama riverfront 15 mins before the tea break. Oh.. and I saw YangL.. the nus gal that I met at my NZ conference. She is presenting at this conference too. Cool, she is so impressive. And suddenly i felt totally incompetent... eps after the whole incident... geez

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