Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Chinese New Year Gathering for PRCs...

I was so excited for this event that i can't sleep the last night. In my mind, many thoughts raced through.. I was praying that gospel message can be clearly presented to them.. and that God can be merciful to them by opening their ears so that they can hear and understand. I knew that it is very hard for the PRCs to respond to God, especially those who had made up their mind, before coming, that they would not want to be a christian, yet I wanted to trust Him who is sovereign and powerful that He will save them in His time. At the same time, I'd pushing myself to plan and write out the games for today.. well if u dunno.. i'm not really a planner.. hence it's quite a chore to me.

But well.. today went fine, i think. There were around 25 of them with us, and they were really opened and friendly towards us, even after knowing our motive of bringing them to a church. Once everyone was gathered @ ARPC, we started the games.. the games went well too, i can see that everyone had had fun. After that was the sing song sessions... the chinese songs were so nice that some PRCs also joined in the singing. Thereafter, was a long sharing from a fellow PRC christian.. i will emphasize again... it was very long... so long that i felt that Pastor Boon Yong had to cut short his message to compensate the time. I felt that the resurrection and the return of Christ was hasty mentioned. Nevertheless, the idea of sin and our relationship with God is well explained, hence now can only hope that the people can really think about it... and respond according.

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Thank God.