Sunday, February 20, 2005

Words can express my feeling now...

Another chinese piece from me...
try to look up the dictionary if you dun understand... =P

有多少事。。 有多少时。。?
那有多少的事。。 却只有多少的时。。

心。。 有多么的沉重。。
思。。 有多么的零乱。。
魄。。 有多么的微弱。。
志。。 有多么的懦小。。

但咎。。 如狼似虎着。。

怕那多少的事,多少的时 使我苟延残喘
怕那沉重的心,微弱的魄 使我妄自菲薄
怕那零乱的思,懦小的志 使我裹足不前

惧。。那多少的事,多少的时 弄得我惶惶不可终日

惟有那希望。。 也只为那希望。。 我披荆斩棘着。。


yifen said...

wah! not bad ah...your chinese is really quite good. don't think i can write something like that. ;p can consider teaching chinese!

weez9al said...

really..? I still think that the words used aren't beautiful, especially the 成语 area.. cuz i only know a limited number of 成语..
sigh! this thing still 难登大雅 lahz..

taiyongchieh said...


GunBlad3 said...

I dun understand... =*(

yifen said...

eh? i thought "that" gift of yours has manifested? ;p

yifen said...

ray...i thought "that"gift of yours has manifested? ;p

GunBlad3 said...

Yeah, manifest liao

Only thing lacking is the vocab lol =P