Thursday, October 07, 2004

Early Celebration...

Gotta a cake for charissa today! She's a business CG member, whom I never meet. But still.. in the end, I didn't gotta meet her -- she didn't come for CG... "WWhhat!? then what shall we do with the cake ?" hee... in the end, we celebrated Renita's and my birthday, which is in next week... her birthday is one day after mine! Anyway... we had have great fun, this is the very first time we have fun as a cell... cuz the CG was still quite close-up then. Ray joined in, cuz Ann wanted him to be the camera-man, he ended up to be the monster that smashed cake on the innocent, cute little girls in the BCG.... geez!

1 comment:

GunBlad3 said...

I DID take photos ok! that means that I fulfilled my original reason for going: to take photos hehehehe

As for the cake...ermmm....should make full use of it what ;)