Monday, October 11, 2004

A Song Composed...

God has good news to spread
It is one that would save
His mercy pour out on sinners who
Would repent and believe

Not in the idols, believe not the signs
Believe not even in yourself
But hear of the message brought by the one
Who risen up on the third day

In view of God’s mercy
Jesus died for all sin
This is God redeeming man,
When Jesus overcomes death

Not in the idols, trust not in the signs
Trust not even in yourself
But trust of the message sent by God
Of One who rose on third day.

Yes, into the world we’ll say
Of God’s great love and grace.
Times we might fail, but not the news
God will sustain His saving plan

Not of the idols, preach not of the signs
preach not even in yourself
But say of the message entrusted
Of Jesus who rose from the death.

This is a song that I'd written after reading the book of Jonah and hearing the Timothy sermon... I had roughly came out the tune for the song, but find it a bit dull... so will try to improve it before I'd sing to anyone. It speaks quite a lot of what I had learnt for the past week... no.. in fact for the past years when I am in NTU, so ya would like to share with you even it look and sound cheesy... ha.


GunBlad3 said...

How about recording and posting the song online?

weez9al said...

thought of it too...! =) But must wait till I am done with the tune..

GunBlad3 said...

hahaha...I can help u with it if u want