Saturday, October 23, 2004

Making a scene...

Attended cell today, after my school. For the first time, I will be doing the 40 days PDL series. Very uncomfortable with this unfaithful material... and plus my healing emotion... I made a scene during the cell. I have to apologise that I didn't control myself well... but seeing the people there... one opinion after another without looking into the bible... made me distressed.. lamented.
I barge out in the end the harsh message of the gospel uncontrollably... that we all deserved death if God is to be fair... but God in His mercy, saved us.

Talk to Huan Yang and Sixian after the cell... it's not going anywhere, because we are just stating our POV without looking into the bible. I did warn and mention that PDL is not a good material to use, because of the way it present its study is exactly embracing our Enemy, who has disguised itself into Experiences in this post modernism age. PDL's intention is good as I had agreed with that Huan Yang that we are to glorify God, but the way the study goes seem to glorify ourselves more. Do note that I am making this comment after I had scanned through the material and that I had attended the cell today.

Was very upset in the end after the talk... my mind was thinking.. wondering why God's ministry is always facing so many adversities... why many, throughout Man's history, are not evangelical? But I thank God the faithful ones... and I pray that you too are the faithful one.

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