Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bible Study... Bible Shopping...

Met Mabel to study bible today at funan... she is the second person that i'd done bible study with in a fast food restaurant. Not a conducive place i know... but well I can't think of anywhere better outside school. Like sixian, she seemed to understand fast for the first study. Now after the study... can only pray and hope that she (and also me) can persevere well in reading the bible in context and being faithful.

After then, go bible shopping with my sis... yes! she had received Christ! She mentioned that she would like to attend a church and wanted to get a bible for herself. Hallelujia for that! I was happy... overjoyed! then lost... so what am I to do next? shall I bring her to church? or shall i let her to decide on her own? ( she mention that she would like to look around on her own ) shall i do bs with her... or shall i just leave it to the church to do it? How about Dad..? will he erupt into great anger when he knew abt this...?

Well... despite the many concerns... the joy is still inexpressible!


Chin Cher said...

I'm happy to hear about your sis. The real work has just started.

Be faithful and build her up in the knowledge of God

taiyongchieh said...

I second.

Anonymous said...


wiryani ^^

GunBlad3 said...

A fourth here!

Glad to hear that..hehe