Saturday, December 04, 2004

Brought sis to ARPC...

i realised that i had not been talking to my sister for one week liaoz... we were all busy with our own stuffs - I had camp and FYP in school and she had her part time job. It feels so funny when i do care for her and wanted to talk to her but there is nothing to say to her... and worse i'm indifferent when she talked to me. Preharps this is what they mean that we always hurt the people who is most close to us... or is it just me... the sinner me!?

Nevertheless, I tried to catch her today... cuz it's Saturday... she worked half day! I invited her to hear with me an online sermon from ARPC. She enjoyed the sermon, as I had expected. So then i asked her if she would like to attend today's service at ARPC... since they will begin a series of evangelical Christmas talks today with John Chapman to start the ball rolling. She agreed.

John Chapman had delivered a very faithful message about Jesus... about how from His birth, death and resurrection show forth that He is the Son of God and the King of all. I kept looking at my sis during the service.. hoping that she could be convicted. She is, as what John C. had said, the person who knows the information, but have not move to the light side... Notwithstanding, she seem haven't been so at the end of the service... she had enjoyed herself she said.


tree said...

I'm so happy to hear this piece of good news! Keep praying for her. Let the Holy Spirit moves her. Thanks for sharing, it's definitely an encouragement to my faith! =)

GunBlad3 said...


Don't worry, continue to show her the saving gospel, and let the convicting be done by God in His time.

Continue to bring her on saturdays lah =)