Monday, December 06, 2004

Damping Monday...

Gotta up early to go to school to meet my new FYP supervisor.. was late.. so i called to apologised! Prof Chan was kind enough to postpone the meeting to the afternoon. This gave me a break to do some shopping therapy at Jurong Point.

Then went to school.. saw Jeremy and DanDan, as usual, they were having their lunch at canteen A... try to make a card for tree, but made a mess in the end... felt sad while trying to undo the mess!

Met the supervisor then, after borrowing laptop from YongJie, she is a nice lady... but stern when it comes to work. She warned me of my slow progress. i felt embarrassed for not doing anything during the first semster now... really!

Try to do something for the FYP in library.. ended up continuing the mess of making tree's card. Then went for Music Ministry Practice. I was too early, so watch ppl play badminton... memories came back...

Practice was bad... I'd kinda angry with myself for unable to sing it well.. everybody seemed laid back.. late comers, early goers, Ray didnt come for practice, Sharon just chip in like this... AArrrggg... stressed + disappointment... tired !

So the day ended with such a feeling, and i carried this feeling to meet tree.. to pass her the card. It rained.. making my mood damper.. but when tree received the simple card and said how much she loved it.. manz.. that brightened me a lot!

Thanks tree... and may the Lord our Lord Jesus bless you and keep you. May you be able to learn and trust God more as you now serve at Doulos! All the best!!

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