Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The PRC camp... ( 28/29th Dec)

Headed school, after an hour of sleep, to participate in the PRC camp. This is the first time I'm in such a camp, though they had a similar camp last year. Last year, I was too busy with the Music Ministry Pantomime that I missed the PRC camp and hence missed the chance to make friends with the last year PRCs... that is also why I'm kinda anticipating this coming camp.

The camp was fun.. i would say that it was very fun.. so fun that I'd kinda have a "hangover" after that. Well, since Ray had made it clear that we are purely to make friends with the PRCs, I had kinda give it all in enjoying myself and establishing friendship in the hope that I might one day have a chance to tell them the gospel.

This was one good camp, indeed, that I no need to think of what to do and just follow the program. This was one good camp that the people are so friendly and the ice is easy to break. This is one good camp to see shy people evenually opening up to one another...

However, how good a camp it may be.. without any following up, it will just be another empty fun! Really hope that I would have the wisdom, the initative... and the courage to follow up with them. Pray that they too will one day accept Jesus as Lord and Savior...

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