Friday, September 10, 2004

Last Friday of Term 1...

I'd arranged my hair to a "twisted-in bun" today just before going to sch, since I was thinking of playing around with my hair while i still have them long! The effect was good, and that really started off my day happy... School today was great, I'd received a good news(not the gospel though), that is SC443 will be a open book examz... yippeeee! And 401 was good too, I was able to understand the qns that were gone thru in lect amazingly...

Lunching then with tree and ray when i tried jap curry don for the 1st time... おいいしです..
and most importantly, it's not spicy! April's ice-cream was yummy too... Immediately then I'd went over to hall 2, meeting ann, to EAT again. Gotta myself the famous beef balls soup; and the uncle was so nice to gimme an extra ball, and a little bit of his 青菜扣肉, which is his lunch. Oh manz, what a feast! Fortunately, ray was around to help out... hee. We then spent the next hour chatting and getting to know our concerns for CF; where thereupon, encouraging and sharpening our convictions.

Not long later, Ann had an urge of playing computer games. And I suggested arcade. Soon we were on a bus out to JP to play games... Wow i feel so young.. like punks that headed down to arcade after sch. And the games there at JP were so cheap ($0.50 per game) that i play so hard and broke my nails... hee Thereafter, I'd join char, grace, yongj, cher and vera to ARPC.

Aww... what a delightful day, that in the end, I thought it's the last day of term... not until Char poked me up when she kinda remind me tt i still have sch tml... haizzz

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