Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Met yifen, nie's char and yongj up @ millenium walk to have a meeting regarding the annual camp. This is my first time in a camp committee, hence I was a bit unsure of what am I supposed to do and what to suggest. But soon, I know what am I supposed to do liaoz... and it's seemed quite a load manzz.. nevertheless, it's still a good experience to me!

We went to tcc for our discussion... hee and that's my first time there @ TCC! The Cuppocino there is beautiful. They topped the cuppocino with whipped cream and sprinkled lemon peel plus a bit of cinnamon powder and a cinnamon stick for stirring. Interesting desu! でも... the coffee taste for the cuppocino is not strong enuff to satisfy my bud...

Went for a haircut wif Yifen... but because my hair is longer, yifen finish and left first, and I am late for movie with my sis... arhh

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