Monday, September 20, 2004

What a day...

What a lousy day today... the mood was super down due to the Algo quiz, probably also due to the lack of sleep while preparing for it. The quiz, however, did not go well. I can't finish the 5 questions.. worse, I can only do 2 questions. The rest I just crapped thru... sad.

Didn't go for CG today... planning to help out in Ann's CG on Thurs instead. So, went for tuition in the end. As I was taking MRT to Queenstown, I saw Rosemary, my Secondary Sch pal whom I used to be very close to... but now.... we become passagener to each other. ..
This really make me distressed and I told my tuition kid abt this. I lamented that friendship between people is hard to last... she commented tt people are quick to change... I wonder is it my fault of not making an effort to catch up w them. She said that good friendship is hard to get... I agreed... she said must cherish... I started to think abt my relationships with people in genreal - my clique in JC, friends in NTU and folks from church... people that I dun wish to neglect... Thinking this makes me sad and fearful. I'm so afraid to forget the things that I dun want to forget; and not do things that I want to do...

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IceGaL said...

There is a time and season for everything. Friends come and friends go. Cherish the friendships that you have now, and when its time to let go, wish the other person the best.

If your paths do cross again, thank God for it, if its not time to pick up a lost friendship, also thank God that you have once been a part of each other's lives!

Sometimes we cling on tightly to the past, refusing to let go of friendships that we used to have, even when they are not the same anymore. But if we do not let go, how can we let new friendships into our lives?

You can think of it this way, that you are not actually losing a friend, but letting your friend walk the path to seek her dreams as you are seeking yours. No two person's path can cross forever, from birth to death. =)